Staffing Solutions

All applicants for employment at Key are involved in an extensive screening process to determine their eligibility for employment and their compatibility with our clients.

Skill and Aptitude Testing

Applicants are given basic aptitude/skills tests. They must score at a passing level on these evaluations to be eligible for hire through Key Staffing. Key uses a computer based skills evaluation system to test all clerical and light industrial applicants. Additional evaluations may be given for specific job requirements.

References/Education Verification

References are conducted with previous employers to verify employment and quality of work performance, and reliability. Education verification is done as needed for specific job qualifications.

Background Screening

Background screening is conducted thoroughly through multiple resources on all applicants.

Drug Testing

Key Staffing is strongly committed to providing a safe work environment for its employees. Illegal use of drugs and alcohol abuse can result in an impairment on the job, which compromises the safe work environment that is essential to Key and our clients. Key Staffing has implemented a comprehensive drug and alcohol policy designed to provide for a safer work environment and to ensure that Key employees provide a quality work product. Key Staffing will not tolerate substance abuse. Employees testing positive for the illegal use of drugs will be terminated. Applicants will be subjected to pre-employment drug testing when required by the client company, or when Key determines the position is sufficiently safety sensitive to warrant testing. Key's policy includes reasonable-suspicion and post-accident testing.



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